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Learn About This Class Action Lawsuit for Parkinson’s Disease

Paraquat Parkinson’s Lawsuit Overview

As of 2023, there is an active class-action lawsuit involving a growing number of plaintiffs, each of whom are claiming that prolonged exposure to Paraquat has led to the development of Parkinson’s disease. We are a law firm devoted to protecting the rights of those affected by harmful substances, we are committed to pursuing justice for those who have been affected by this dangerous herbicide. At its core, this issue is about holding the responsible parties accountable for their negligences and ensuring that victims receive the support they need to cope with their condition.

Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating neurological condition that can have a profound impact on a person’s ability to move and function normally. One of the hallmark symptoms of this condition is tremors, which can start out small but become more noticeable as the disease progresses. Other symptoms may include:

  • Slowed Movement
  • Rigidity
  • Postural Instability

These symptoms can become severely debilitating in their later stages, severely reducing a person’s quality of life as a result. There is no currently known cure for Parkinson’s disease, which means that many sufferers rely on life-long treatment to manage their symptoms.

While definitive conclusions are yet to be reached, numerous studies have delved into the long-term impacts of Paraquat. This lawsuit primarily centers around the connection between Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease. However, it is important to note that prolonged and repeated exposure to this toxin may lead to a range of severe consequences, such as:

  • lung scarring
  • kidney failure
  • esophageal strictures 

These serious health concerns, which can occur independently of any neurological issues, highlight the importance of further studying the potential health effects of Paraquat. By delving deeper into its impact, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with this substance and take necessary measures to safeguard public health.

Paraquat Lawsuit Update

As of July 2023, the highly anticipated trials are set to begin in October of this year, marking a significant milestone in the legal process. Originally scheduled to be settled in 2022, the timeline was extended to allow for additional input from experts in order to ensure a thorough and comprehensive evaluation.


If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by exposure to Paraquat, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us for a confidential consultation. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the complexities of the Paraquat Parkinson’s lawsuit and is committed to helping you explore all available legal options. We are confident in our ability to navigate the intricate legal landscape and work tirelessly to secure the compensation you deserve.

What Is The Paraquat Lawsuit?

Paraquat, a highly toxic herbicide, poses significant health risks to farmers and residents throughout the United States. Despite its prohibition in numerous countries, it remains a prominent ingredient in weed killers used within the U.S. As North Carolina residents, it is crucial that we comprehend the origins and formulation of this herbicide to safeguard ourselves and our communities.

The History of Paraquat

Developed and manufactured by the Swiss agrochemical company Syngenta GA in the 1960s, Paraquat is a highly effective herbicide that quickly kills weeds upon contact. However, its toxicity made it a controversial product from the very beginning. In the 1970s, poisonings of agricultural workers made headlines, leading to increased regulation and restrictions. In the decades that followed, Paraquat was banned in over 30 countries, including the European Union, Brazil, and China. Despite this, it continues to be a popular herbicide in the U.S., where it is used primarily for commercial farming.

Composition of Paraquat

Paraquat, a fast-acting herbicide, effectively eliminates plants by disrupting their photosynthesis-driven energy production. Its active ingredient, Paraquat dichloride, manifests as a brilliant blue-green liquid. Often combined with potent weed killers like glyphosate and 2,4-D, Paraquat warrants caution due to its high toxicity to both humans and animals. Ingesting even a minute amount of Paraquat can prove fatal, while skin or eye exposure can result in severe injury or even death.

The Legality of Paraquat

Paraquat is not currently banned in the United States, but it’s highly restricted. In 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered additional restrictions on Paraquat use after decades of advocacy and pressure from public health groups. These regulations included mandatory training for farmers and applicators, as well as a prohibition on handheld sprays and nozzles that create fine droplets that can easily drift and harm people and animals beyond intended targets.

Concerning Paraquat Health Effects

Despite the serious health concerns related to Paraquat, the EPA has not acted to ban or restrict the chemical’s use. In fact, the EPA only recently began requiring companies that produce Paraquat to include stronger warning labels on products that contain the chemical. This failure to act has left many individuals at risk of developing serious health problems.

It is our hope that the Paraquat class-action lawsuit brings attention to the risks of this dangerous chemical and brings justice to those affected by its use. We stand ready to represent individuals who have been injured due to exposure so they can receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Together, we can bring awareness to the dangers posed by Paraquat and work towards a brighter future where people are protected from hazardous substances.

We encourage anyone who has been affected by Paraquat to call our office and explore their options for legal action. Your health is too important to leave in the hands of irresponsible companies. We are here to fight on your behalf and help you get the justice you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

How To File A Paraquat Lawsuit

Filing a Paraquat Parkinson’s Lawsuit requires a dedicated effort from the affected parties. It takes courage, determination, and the right legal team to navigate through the complex legal system and seek the compensation you deserve. The first step in the process is to seek medical attention and get a proper diagnosis of your condition. If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or other neurological damage caused by Paraquat exposure, you may have a strong case for a lawsuit. You will need to gather any available medical records, invoices, and other documents that can corroborate your claim. Finally, contact an experienced Paraquat lawsuit attorney who can guide you through the legal process and help you receive the compensation you deserve. We understand what’s at stake and are committed to fighting for justice on behalf of our clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to us – every moment counts.

How To Know If You Were Exposed To Paraquat

If you believe that you’ve been exposed to Paraquat, either through your work on a commercial farm or by living in close proximity to one, you may be eligible to participate in the Paraquat lawsuit. The Paraquat lawsuit is a class-action lawsuit that has been filed on behalf of individuals who have been exposed to Paraquat and have suffered from health complications as a result. Most of the plaintiffs worked on commercial farms that used Paraquat or lived in close proximity to these farms, resulting in prolonged exposure through inhalation. If you meet these criteria, you may qualify to file a lawsuit and seek compensation for damages. It is crucial to have an experienced lawyer on your side who can guide you through the legal process and fight for your rights. Don’t hesitate to take action and join the Paraquat lawsuit today.

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