Property Distribution

When couples decide to separate, a common concern is what will happen to the marital property and marital debts.

Having an experienced attorney by your side is important when it comes to property distribution.

Equitable distribution, more commonly known as property division, is the distribution of marital property and debts. In North Carolina, our statute outlines what marital property and debts are, and how they should be divided.

The law presumes that a fair split of marital property is giving each spouse half of the assets and half of the debt. That being said, the law is equitable distribution, which means the distribution should be fair considering the circumstances of your marriage, how the debts and assets were obtained, and various other factors.

Sometimes after reviewing the factors set out in North Carolina General Statute § 50-20(c), our courts will grant an unequal distribution of the marital property.

A common misconception is that the property belongs to whoever’s name is on the title.  This is not true.  While specific facts are important to analyzing each case, generally our courts look at when the property was purchased and what money was used to pay for the property.

It is important to have a divorce lawyer that understands your goal when it comes to equitable distribution.  At Miller Law Group we can help you obtain a fair distribution of the marital property.  Our Raleigh property division lawyer can work with you to give an honest assessment of your case.

Often couples are able to settle their property distribution informally without having to have a trial and spend an extensive amount of money.  Different couples have different concerns.  Some couples have million-dollar estates and some couples have little to no assets.  While property division can be simple, it can also be complicated.

It is always best to contact a Raleigh property division lawyer to get a case evaluation to make sure that your rights and property is protected. Moving forward without advice could cost you a significant amount of time and money down the road.

You don’t have to go through this alone.  Call Miller Law Group today to set up a consultation with our Raleigh property division lawyer to get a cost-effective and case-specific analysis on what property distribution you could be facing in your divorce.

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