Condemnation and Eminent Domain

If your property is condemned, you must take immediate action to protect your rights.

Having your condemned land taken can be shocking and life altering.  Whether it’s your farm, home, business, or other property, you deserve to be treated fairly and to be compensated justly.

The Federal Government, the state of North Carolina, and municipalities have the right, under the eminent domain clauses of the federal and state constitutions, to condemn private land to use for public benefit.  The most common condemnations occur when land is taken to build infrastructure like roads or highways.

Once the legal process is initiated and the condemnation complaint has been filed you must respond within a prescribed period of time or you will lose your rights to contest the value of the claim.

If the NCDOA filed the complaint, your answer (legal response) must be filed within 120 days.

If the NCDOT filed the complaint, your answer (legal response) must be filed within 12 months.

Under the law, you are entitled to receive just compensation.  “Just compensation” in the area of condemnation means compensation for the value of the land taken, the damage to remaining land, business loss, relocation costs or other related damages.

Agencies like the NCDOT have attorneys, engineers, agents and appraisers working on their behalf.  It is important that you retain an attorney with the ability and resources to fight and protect your rights.

The lawyers at Miller Law Group have extensive trial experience and resources to ensure that you are justly compensated.  We only get paid if we are able to collect an amount over the original offer your received on your property.  For a free consultation contact us, or call at 919-348-4361.


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